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FreSh CC

edmund|chown|76 Clark Street||tonawanda|ny|14150|united States|dicv|6011002080578149|436|0112|716 695-7465

|ron|sharp|5209 Premiere Ave||lakewood|california|90712|united States|visa|4217661385161104|205|0211|562-400-0344

|james|wright|3490 Wimbledon Way||costa Mesa|united States|92626|usa|amex|372870764433005|6024|0211|71 4-679-6638

|timothy|heiser|461 Sw 74 Terr||plantation|fl| 33317|united States|visa|4744760035683731|092|0611|954-298-6922

|glenn|curtis|2307 W. Beebe Capps #233||searcy|ar|72143|united States|visa|6011006487569304|021|0612|501-279-1252

|henry|mooberry|8716 Lonepine Rd||richmond|virginia|23294|united States|dicv|6011003527634149|258|0312|804-747-8088

|janet|baker|1148 Corn Flower Road||marissa|il|62257|united States|dicv|6011007085227469|547|0612|618 587 3309

|john|bohling|123 Martin Dr||trail Creek|in|46360-5769|united States|mc|5178057262833317|612|0211|219-671-0062

|jeffrey|phillips|1250 E Nashville Ch Rd||ashland|mo|65010|united States|dicv|6011006726274054|430|1112|5736572355

|robert|marshall|15543 Innsbrook Dr.||orland Park|il|60462|united States|dicv|6011007580122892|441|0113|708.710.1068

|luiz Carlos|correa|rua Ecológica De Pinhais.5888||pinhais|paraná|83327-060|brazil|visa|4032478770207852|859|0211

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Server Security

The Server Security Configuration.


(1) Upgrade Apache/PHP, MySQL, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, cP/WHM etc
(2) cP/WHM Configuration
(3) SSH Access
(4) Mod_Security
(5) Firewall
6) DDoS Protection
(7) Rootkit
(8) PHP Configuration
(9) Other
(10)The End
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List Of All Well Known trojans And There Port Numbers .

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How to Create a Virus

Hello friends,

This is a tutorial showing “How to Create a Virus”

Please comment if you like:.

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How to Detect Trojan Horse .

Detecting a Trojan

Awareness and preventive measures are the best defense against Trojans. Educate users not  to install applications downloaded from the Internet and email attachments. Most commercial anti-virus products can automatically scan and detect backdoor programs before they can cause damage.

Using Anti-Trojan Software:

Antivirus software is designed to detect and delete Trojan horses, as well as preventing them from ever being installed. Although it is possible to remove a Trojan horse manually, it requires a full understanding of how that particular Trojan horse operates. In addition, if a Trojan horse has possibly been used by a hacker to access a computer system, it will be difficult to know what damage has been done and what other problems have been introduced.
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Know More About Trojans and Backdoors

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How To Hack WEP/WPA With Linux


I noticed a strange behaviour. A lot of people were into cracking WEP, but still had a lot of questions on WPA. After these findings, I decided to just write my own tutorial 🙂
If you look at the attacks closely, you’d think WPA was very easy to crack. Well, some people say it is, some don’t agree. The fact is, that if the password is in some sort of dictionary, the password can be cracked. you’ll need a 4-way handshake from a client connecting to an AP. The 4way handshake holds an encrypted algorithm which can be cracked by dictionary attack. you’ll need a huge list and some luck that the password is in the list, or you can make a personal list created with a password tool of your choice (like john), which will not be discussed in this tutorial ;-).For this tutorial, of course I’ll be using the Aircrack-ng suite. Read More…

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Free Call to Any Country Works 100%

Using this VOIP program, you can call landline numbers in any country for FREE.”
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Top 10 Tricks to exploit SQL Server Systems

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